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Holistic Rehab

What is an Holistic Drug Rehab ?

Any rehab that offers treatment for anyone addicted to any type of drug, should in effect be an holistic rehab whether they call themselves that will not.

It is an unfortunate fact that many people including rehabs use the word holistic because it appeals vert much to people’s sense of their own self-worth, and appeals to people’s belief that the rehab will treat the individual as a whole person, and not just treat their addiction.

Treatment of the whole person should be the focus of any rehab or any recovery process that may begin in a 12 step fellowship such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous.

The majority of rehabs will treat people both for drug addiction and alcoholism.

It is in the nature of rehab is that they like to treat people as addictive personalities, and as such do not focus too heavily on the nature of their addiction in terms of the recovery work.

The recovery work that is done in a drug rehab, whether it is called an holistic drug rehab or not should be largely of a therapeutic nature, and will quite often be based on the 12 step program initially used in Alcoholics Anonymous and adapted for use in Narcotics Anonymous and other Twelve Step fellowships.

Any rehab that offers addiction treatment programs for drug addictions should spell out specifically on its website which drugs, both prescription and non-prescription it will offer treatment for. This is crucially important from a point of view of understanding and be able to deal with a medical detox.

Anyone entering rehab should be assessed for whether or not a medical detox is needed. The rehab must have the facilities and the staff to adequately undertake such a clinical assessment to be able to determine whether a medical detox is needed or not.

If the medical detox is needed, then the rehab should either have the facilities and personnel to manage such a medical detox themselves, or have arrangements with a local clinical facility who can oversee and undertake the medical detox on their behalf.

This process should be clearly highlighted and spelt out on the rehab’s website. It is important in this context therefore that the rehab has qualified medical personnel who have specific experience of dealing with withdrawals from a wide range of narcotics and prescription drugs, and are able to manage these withdrawals in a safe and controlled manner.

Some holistic drug rehabs offer what they call an holistic detox. It is important to be clear that this is normally a very different process from a medical detox.

What is normally meant by an holistic detox is a cleansing process of the individual.

This cleansing process can be a physically cleansing process by way of diet, nutrition supplements, colonic irrigation etc.

It can also be an emotionally cleansing process by way of group therapy and other talking therapies. An holistic detox can also involve other less conventional forms of treatment such as sweat lodges etc.

Anyone undertaking a holistic detox should make sure that the rehab fully understands the so-called cleansing methods involved and is able to undertake them in a safe and controlled environment.


Holistic Drug Rehab in Florida Addiction Treatment

The nature of addiction and addiction treatment in relation to drug treatment and alcoholism/alcohol abuse can vary widely between various rehabs and treatment centers and can sometimes be a confusing array of different options and different types of help that is available.

An holistic drug rehab in Florida is likely to combine this confusion, all be it unwittingly.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of an holistic drug rehab in Florida is the ability of the rehab to oversee and perform any type of clinical or medical detox that is needed. People entering a drug rehab are likely to have had a problem with a wide range of different substances over the years.

Common drugs that people have had an addiction with include – benzodiazepine, cocaine, crack, crystal meth, demerol, ecstasy, heroine, marijuana, methamphetamine, methadone, morphine, OxyContin, suboxone, Valium, Vicodin as well as a wide range of prescription drugs. In addition

it is perfectly possible that someone entering an holistic drug rehab in Florida will have a problem with alcohol, will be an alcoholic and will be known as what is termed as dual addicted.

Holistic drug rehab in Florida

An Holistic drug rehab in Florida must take extensive care to make sure that when an individual enters rehab, they are fully supervised and monitored by qualified medical and technical personnel both prior to and during and after any detox that may be necessary.

This detox may be performed on-site if necessary or at a local clinical facility such as a hospital. In any event the holistic drug rehab in Florida must have qualified medical personnel able to oversee and evaluate the progress of the individual.

The various forms of addiction treatment methods that the rehab will use can vary quite widely. The majority will be in a therapeutic context, often modelled upon the principles of the first five steps of the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

These principles will focus on the admission of the fact that the individual has a problem with various types of addiction, normally concerning both drugs and alcohol. This admission of a problem with drugs and alcohol can take a long time, and often the work done in an holistic drug rehab in Florida is simply the beginning of the process that continues once the client has left rehab.

Often an holistic drug rehab in Florida will also focus on what are commonly called life skills, which can be a whole range of practical skills and abilities that can help the client live more easily in their normal world once they have left rehab. The focus will be on giving people their life back, and helping them to build a better way of life after rehab.



What is an Holistic Drug Rehab in Florida ?

An holistic drug rehab in Florida normally refers to a drug/alcohol rehab in Florida that terms itself as an holistic rehab.

The word holistic can refer to a number of specific ideas and attitudes and approaches to treatment and therapeutic addiction methods, but generally carries more impact because of it emotional pull as a word that implies the whole person is treated as opposed to merely one part of them.

There is a sense that a rehab that describes itself as an holistic drug rehab in Florida can inadvertently be slightly misleading, and maybe even playing on the tone and the pull of the word holistic..

In reality, any drug/alcohol rehab that offers effective treatment for any type of addiction, alcoholism could realistically call itself an holistic drug rehab in Florida. The therapeutic approach of any rehab/treatment centre should be on the whole person as a person, and base their therapeutic approach on the 12 step model of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.

The nature of these 12 step program is is that they address, or begin to address a wide range of underlying emotional drives that fuel an individuals addiction or alcoholism.

The focus of the work that a holistic drug rehab in Florida should do will largely be therapeutic as a way of helping the individual begin the process of understanding their addiction or alcoholism and what they can do to get sober and clean and stay sober and clean.

An holistic drug rehab in Florida is also like to offer a wide range of other types of therapies and therapeutic approaches that may help at some level, but will often seem much more enjoyable than the idea of any type of self analysis or therapeutic work.

An holistic drug rehab in Florida is like to offer therapies such as yoga, tai chi, reflexology, acupuncture, art therapy, meditation and shiatsu etc.

Holistic drug rehab in Florida

Some may also offer more adventurous therapies such as mountain hiking, white water rafting etc, depending upon where the holistic drug rehab in Florida is located.These other types of therapeutic approaches may have some benefit and can certainly help an addict/alcoholic begin the process of rebuilding their lives.

However these other types of therapies should not be undertaken at the expense of where the real work needs to begin to be undertaken, which is where the treatment methods of an holistic drug rehab in Florida should focus.

The rehab should have a range of methods and clinical programs and be staffed by clinical experts fully briefed and experienced in these areas of addiction and alcoholism that can help the client begin to understand the process of their recovery prior to and leaving rehab/treatment.


What are holistic treatment centers ?

It is always somewhat difficult to generalise about the nature of treatment centers, as they can vary widely both in terms of location, clinical staff, treatment methods and clinical programs. An holistic treatment center is a term that can be applied to many so-called normal or ordinary treatment centers, but the term holistic tends to imply a sort of whole person approach that can appeal to many people, but in reality needs to be thought through and analysed quite carefully.

An holistic treatment center will offer a wide range of approaches to dealing with the nature of alcoholism and other types of addiction. A treatment center or rehab of any variety will have its own experience and clinical approaches to alcoholism and other types of addiction. Many a rehab treatment center will have borrowed some of the principles and literature of Alcoholics Anonymous and adapted them to their own programmes.

An holistic treatment center will sell itself in part on the nature of its therapeutic programs, but also on a sense that it is addressing the whole person, not simply an addiction or a part of an addiction.

A rehab or treatment center will address primarily the issue of a person’s alcoholism, and also that of a person being addicted to drugs, both described and illegal. In addition a rehab may well address other types of addiction such as gambling, food, sex addiction etc.

A holistic treatment center will often take all of these addictions and lump them together, and present a program that deals more with the nature of the individual than with their specific alcoholism or other addiction. This is not to say that this is the right approach, simply that it may be a different and seemingly more attractive way to deal with the nature of some of alcoholism.

It is likely that an holistic treatment center will see alcoholism more as a life skills type issue rather than a specific illness, needing to be addressed by the by a 12 step program such as Alcoholics Anonymous, or by a number of the principles that organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous embody.

A word of caution needs to be flagged up about the concept of holistic treatment centers. This is not to say that there is anything specifically wrong with any holistic treatment center in itself, but simply that there is an aspect to them that needs to be considered.

The term holistic can seem much more attractive than simply the term rehab or treatment center, implying a more sensitive and caring approach to the individual and the nature of their alcoholism. It is certainly true that someone who is an alcoholic needs to be treated with dignity and respect and needs to be able to address their alcoholism in a safe and secure environment.

Any rehab or treatment center that is going to be effective must respect this. An holistic treatment center can certainly be true to this, and needs to be judged not simply on whether it is holistic or not, but what that really means in person. A holistic treatment center will offer, or probably offer a range of non-therapeutic approaches to alcoholism as well as a number of proven treatment methods.

These can be of benefit in terms of addressing physical and nutritional needs, but need to be done in the context of effective proven therapeutic techniques as well.