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Rehab in Florida – What does it cost ?

The first, or perhaps second question that most people will ask about a rehab in Florida is, what does it cost ?

Going into rehab is notoriously expensive, pretty much like all forms of health insurance related ttreatment.

Most rehabs will work with the major insurance companies to enable their plans to cover the cost of going into rehab.

That is definitely your first port of call. See if going into rehab is covered under your insurance plan if you have one, or an insurance plan of your partner that is more relevant.

If your insurance plan covers the cost of going into a rehab or treatment center, check with the rehab that you intend to enter that they are accepted by the insurance company.

Most rehabs will have a dedicated team of people who can advise you on the insurance related aspect of cost.

If the cost of entering rehab in Florida is covered under your insurance plan, make sure that the rehab specifies any additional costs that may not be included and which you might be liable to pay for separately.

This could include a number of alternative therapies, or certain medications etc. Make sure the rehab is clear and statesin advance which if any additional costs you might be liable for that are not covered under your insurance plan.

Rehab in Florida – no insurance !

If there is no insurance cover available, then obviously options are more limited. The first thing to do is to contact a number of rehabs see if they can help at all financially. Some rehabs are non-profit and may have scholarships or bursaries or some type of fund available to help defray the cost of treatment.

Some rehabs have their own in-house loan companies with agents that they described as loan advisers or some other type of term.

Be under no illusion that this is a credit agreement for which you will be liable for a considerable amount of money. Enter into such an agreement with great caution and make sure you explore other options first – check out any potential loan agreement with a trusted independent financial advisor first.

Most rehabs websites will give no figures at all as to what the cost of treatment is. The one exception is the main Hazelden website, which estimates the cost of treatment for a 4 to 6 week stay at between $20,000 and $32,000.

Whilst this might seem a lot of money, this could well be a significant under estimate of what some rehabs might charge for a similar period of residential treatment.

Rehab in Florida – other options

Whilst for some people a rehab in Florida might seem the ideal route to recovery, there are many other options available. A number of rehabs will offer outpatient or outreach facilities, in effect some type of a day programme which are significantly cheaper than a residential stay.

Often the attraction of a rehab is that it is a bit of a bubble that takes people away from their normal environment and gives them an opportunity to examine things away from their ordinary lives.

This can undoubtedly be of benefit to some people, but also presents problems when people have to re-enter their normal lives and integrate the experience of having being in a rehab into a normal life.

Many people, get sober and stay sober by going directly to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, in fact this has been the traditional route for getting sober since AA started in the mid 1930s.

If the cost of a rehab is prohibitive, be assured that it is perfectly possible for someone to get sober and stay sober and rebuild their lives without the need to go into a rehab in the first place.

Rehabs, whilst performing a valuable function, do often present themselves as the main wayor best way to get sober and stay sober. This simply isn’t the case, and is really just a marketing tool for what is a very significant industry.



Is a rehab in Florida a treatment center?

A rehab in Florida is often also referred to as a treatment center, partly because the approaches taken to helping people deal with a problem with alcohol or drugs are commonly referred to as treatment programs. The terms rehab and treatment center are pretty much interchangeable.

A rehab in Florida is a wide ranging term or generalisation that normally refers to an inpatient clinical facility that is normally residential. Such a rehab or treatment center should offer a number of clinical programs that are designed to help people who have a problem with alcohol or drugs get better.

The nature of a rehab in Florida means that some thorough research should be undertaken before deciding to apply for admission to such a rehab or treatment center. The primary selling point of a rehab in Florida is primarily its location i.e. in Florida.

The location of a rehab or treatment center is important in that the environment should be a serene and tranquil setting that effectively treats alcoholics with dignity and respect.

The location of Florida is ideal in many ways, and is the main reason why there has been such a large growth of rehab’s and treatment centres there in recent years.

Rehab in Florida – Staff

When assessing or researching which rehab in Florida you want to apply to, one of the main considerations should be the number and range of clinical experts who are employed as staff by the rehab or treatment center.

There should be a number of clinicians, such as a medical doctor or doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, therapists etc. In addition a rehab in Florida is likely to have a number of so-called alternative practitioners who may run programs such as reflexology, art therapy or yoga.

So-called alternative therapies are deemed an important part of the healing process of a person’s addiction to alcohol or other drugs, and should be viewed in that context.

The website of any rehab in Florida that you are thinking of applying to should have full details of all the qualifications and experience of the clinicians who will be overseeing the care of the person admitted to that rehab.

In addition the website should show that the rehab in Florida is fully accredited and compliant with all the state and federal regulations and legal requirements that should be in place for such a facility.

Whilst qualifications do not guarantee successful outcomes, they can be quite a good measure of the professionalism and approach that the rehab in Florida is likely to take.

Many rehabs in Florida will also have a video or videos online, often with members of staff giving talks about their approach to alcoholism and recovery in a rehab or treatment center generally.

This can be useful in terms of giving the person a felt sense of how sympathetic or empathetic such a professional is likely to be to their situation.


Do treatment centers in Florida work ?

When considering approaching a treatment center in Florida regarding admission or entry to help deal with a person’s alcoholism or other type of addiction, the most natural question a person has is does the treatment center work.

Whilst this is a very natural question it can also be a slightly misleading one. It applies to treatment centers generally as well as treatment centres in Florida. Someone approaching a treatment center in Florida will do so because of some level of awareness or a problem with alcoholism or alcohol addiction or substance abuse addiction.

The most pressing point will be that the treatment center in Florida work in terms of helping to either stop the addiction or help the alcoholic gets over and stay sober.

A rehab in Florida will operate on pretty much the same basis as a treatment center in Florida, in that they will have a number of different therapeutic approaches and treatment methods. They will have a number of clinical experts and their own clinical program designed to be an effective form of treatment.

Treatment Centers in Florida – Programs

Most treatment centres in Florida will base their own therapeutic approaches on the principles that are embodied in the 12 step programme of Alcoholic Anonymous. This does not mean that a treatment center in Florida is affiliated or part of Alcoholics Anonymous at all, they are not.

A treatment center in Florida will be completely independent of Alcoholics Anonymous and all other 12 step organisations. A treatment centre in Florida will offer a range of different therapies as part of an overall treatment program.

Some of these therapies will be what are thought of as conventional therapy or counselling. This may take place on a one-to-one basis or some type of group therapy. Such use of therapy will be possibly daily, which can be fairly intense given that a clients stay in a treatment center in Florida is likely to be for a few weeks.

Some treatment centers in Florida may operate longer day programs, and some may have their own halfway houses or secondary treatment centers that clients can move onto afterwards.

A treatment center in Florida should ideally see their role as being to facilitate the early part of a client’s journey in recovery. This they do by their own treatment methods, and by introducing a client to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and other 12-step organisations.

These tend to be the backbone of a person’s recovery and the foundation that help them to build a better way of life.


Florida Treatment Centers ?

Truth is, this is almost an impossible question to answer for a couple of reasons. Firstly it is impossible to generalise about Florida treatment centers. They tend to get grouped together simply because they are in Florida, which does have an important role in providing a serene and tranquil environment for a treatment center to operate.

Beyond that Florida treatment centers can vary widely from each other in terms of their treatment methods, their clinical programs, and the number of clinical experts who effectively administer the various treatment methods used by the rehab.

A Florida rehab or Florida treatment center has an advantage in terms of its natural location. The sense of location and environment is an important therapeutic aspect of being in a rehab in Florida, but it is not the only one, or necessarily the most important aspect.

Florida treatment centers – Programs

When assessing which Florida treatment center might be the most appropriate, there are a number of questions that you can ask, both literally and rhetorically, which might give you some answers. It is important however to recognise that a rehab in Florida is no guarantee of success in the short-term or long-term.

Success is perhaps the wrong terminology for a person’s journey in recovery, but is a concept that many people will think in terms of.

A Florida treatment center will most likely be supportive of and encourage participation in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and other 12-step fellowships or organisations. This is one important consideration.

There will be some Florida treatment centers which do not advocate any therapeutic approach based on the 12-step model, and this may be more appropriate for your needs. Most Florida treatment centers or rehabs should have an outline on their website of the basic treatment methods they use when dealing with alcoholism and other forms of addiction.

A Florida treatment center should also show details of the clinical experts and the team of administrative staff who will be looking after the alcoholic during their stay.

It can be important to know who the clinical team of experts are, in terms of their qualifications and experience. This is no guarantee of effectiveness, but it is a good starting point to be able to compare different Florida treatment centers.

Look for the number of qualified clinical experts such as medical doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists, nurses, bodywork therapist’s and therapists/councillors generally.

A Florida treatment center will employ number of qualified clinical experts. A number of them will have either been through rehab or treatment themselves, and a number will be active members of 12 step organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

This is normally seen as a real advantage in that it helps them to empathise with the person entering a Florida treatment center or a rehab in Florida, which for most people is a fairly daunting experience.


Are there many Florida Treatment Centers ?

In certain areas, Florida has become known as the treatment or rehab center of America. The reason for this is simply the number of Florida treatment centers that there are. This is not a coincidence, and does not necessarily mean that Florida treatment centers better than other ones, simply that there are probably more often. There is a reason for this.

When treatment centers or rehabs really took off as an industry, there was a sense or an understanding that an alcoholic needed to be treated with dignity and respect, ideally in a serene and tranquil setting. As such, Florida treatment centers embody much of those two basic ideals.

That is not to say that a Florida treatment center is idealistic, far from it. Florida treatment centers are in one sense hard nosed businesses like any hospital or pharmaceutical company.

Florida treatment centers do however have as their focus a sense of mission all need to help people who suffer from alcoholism and other forms of addiction.

Florida treatment centers – Setting

The nature of providing a treatment center in an environment that is part of the treatment has led to Florida treatment centers booming in terms of number and roles. Florida has some of the most beautiful land and country in the world, and it proved a natural choice for many treatment centers to set themselves up as businesses.

When alcoholic enters a Florida treatment center, it can be a fairly daunting experience. It is quite likely that it is probably the last place on earth alcoholic wants to be. Not so much Florida, but the Florida treatment center itself. Entering a Florida rehab/treatment center is sometimes seen as at an admission of failure by the alcoholic.

The more prominent feeling is likely to be one of fear, fear of the unknown and fear of what is going to happen. The primary fear is likely to be a sense of having to live without alcohol, which is likely to have become regarded as the one thing holding the alcoholic together.

Whilst there are no instant solutions or fixes to alcoholism, the physical setting of a rehab or treatment center does make a real difference to the mood and temperature of the recovery process. Florida treatment centers are unique in one sense, in that they have an opportunity to use the power of the land and the physical setting to enhance people’s journey in recovery.


What is a Florida Treatment Center?

Most people approach the idea of entering a treatment center or rehab with some trepidation. It is an unknown area, that for many people is a last resort. A Florida treatment center is often known by different names, such as Florida treatment rehab, Florida treatment facility or Florida treatment detox.

Whatever name or term people refer to it as, a Florida treatment center is a residential clinical facility that aims to help people who are addicted to alcohol/drugs and possibly other addictions. People normally stay in a Florida treatment rehab for a period of weeks, normally around 4 to 6 weeks, with a level of care and support after they have left.

There are other types of Florida treatment available if the cost of a treatment center is prohibitive or you do not have an insurance plan that covers it. The most common form of treatment in Florida for any alcohol or drug problem is that of Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous.

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are completely free and open to anyone to turn up and simply listen to see if what they hear can help them. There are also a number of state sponsored alcohol and drug programs and facilities, with differing levels of support and help available.

Florida Treatment – Tools

A Florida treatment center is often seen by many as being an ideal place to begin the process of a journey in recovery, and there is no doubt that it is the right option for many people.

A Florida treatment rehab should have a number of different therapeutic techniques that will help give an alcoholic basic tools to build a better way of life that will enable them to stay sober once they have left rehab.

A Florida treatment center will base a loss of its therapeutic approaches around the principles of the 12 step programme of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is likely that the rehab will encourage clients of the treatment center to attend a local AA meetings, whilst in rehab, and as a support network once they have left.

It is also possible that the rehab center will have a meetings on site, although they are completely independent of and had no connection with the rehab itself.

A Florida treatment facility can take many forms. It is either residential, possibly outreach or outpatient or some type of day care. Whatever a person’s problem in terms of alcohol or drugs there is a huge amount of help available.

Some of it is free, some of it is very expensive. What is important perhaps is that the person who has a problem with alcohol admits to themselves that it is a problem, and begin the process of their journey in recovery in order to take their life back and build a better way of life.