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What is Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is one of those phrases that is generally used to refer to people who go off on what is also sometimes called a drinking spree, that may in reality last days weeks or even months. The meaning behind binge drinking is that whilst an individual may go off on one for a certain […]

Enzyme dysfunction and binge drinking ......

Enzyme dysfunction and binge drinking ……

A new study in mice shows that restoring the synthesis of a key brain chemical tied to inhibiting addictive behavior may help prevent alcohol cravings following binge drinking. A malfunctioning enzyme may be a reason that binge drinking increases the odds of alcoholism, according to a study by scientists at the Stanford University School of […]

Is Binge Drinking Alcoholism?

Is Binge Drinking Alcoholism?

When I worked in Temple Bar, I trudged through urine-soaked streets each and every morning. It wasn’t fun, and I still remember pushing open the gate and door of my office using my foot instead of my hands. Not being an aficionado of Berlin nightclubs, I had never seen a woman defecate in public until […]