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Substance Abuse Detox

A substance abuse detox assessment is a crucial and necessary part of any addiction treatment program that is offered by a residential or day care type rehab or treatment center. The facilities and personnel to oversee such an assessment should be a vital part of any research that is done prior to treatment being sought. […]

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Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a really important term both in terms of what it means and what it doesn’t mean. Its meaning has tended to change quite a lot over the last few years and people can sometimes be confused as to what it actually means or what substances it covers. When people first began to […]

Substance abuse counsellor

Substance abuse counsellor

A substance abuse counsellor should be an individual who has counselling/therapy qualifications and meets any local or state certifications who specialises in helping people who have what are known as substance abuse issues. The term substance abuse is actually quite a wide one, and can mean many things to many people. To most people it […]


What is Substance Abuse?

The term substance abuse has become much more widespread and common in the last few years, and is now generally used to refer to any type of mood altering substance that an individual can abuse, and potentially suffer harm from. Many people still think of substance abuse as referring to things such as glue sniffing, […]


What is a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator?

Substance abuse addiction has become much more common in recent times, both as a time in the context of addiction and by its nature a problem for many people. A substance abuse treatment facility locator is a method of trying to findĀ out the physical location of a rehab or treatment center or treatment facility that […]